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Why do I need a survey?

A survey is the only reliable way of obtaining and confirming basic information about a property.

  • 1. The location and existence of a property
  • 2. The relationship of the property to adjoining property.
  • 3. Discrepencies between actual occupation or use and the recorded description.

Why does a survey cost this much?

  • The Survey Process
    • Research- Determine the description of record for the subject property and all adjoiners.

      Field- Identify evidence in the field of corner monumentation (stone, iron pipe, chisel mark, cedar stake, tree, etc.). Measure and field locate all physical improvements.

Are my property corners set?

Notwithstanding the provisions of any regulation promulgated by the board forArchitects, Professional Engineers,Land Surveyors, Certified Interior Designers and Landscape Arcitects, a land surveyor shall not be required by Board regulations to set corner monumentation or perform a boundary survey on any property when

Are surveys regulated?

  • 18 VAC 10-20-380. Minumum standards and procedures for surveys determining the location of physical improvements; field procedured; office procedures.

      • A. The following minimum standards and procedures are to be used for surveys determining the location of physical imporvements on any parcel of land or lot containing less than two (2) acres or metric equivalent (sometimes known as "building location surveys," "house location surveys," "physical suveys," and thelike) in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

What does the survey plat show?

  • The plat reflecting the work product shall be drawn to scale and shall show the following, unless requested otherwise by the client and so noted on the plat:

    • 1. The bearings and distances for the boundaries and the area of the lot or parcel of land shall be shown in accordance with record data, unless a current, new land boundary survey has been preformed in conjunction with the physical improvements survey.