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What does the survey plat show?

18VAC10-20-380. (C)

The plat reflecting the work product shall be drawn to scale and shall show the following, unless requested otherwise by the client and so noted on the plat:

  • 1. The bearings and distances for the boundaries and the area of the lot or parcel of land shall be shown in accordance with record data, unless a current, new land boundary survey has been preformed in conjunction with the physical improvements survey. If needed to produce a closed polygon, the meander lines necessary to verify locations of streams, tidelands, lakes and swamps shall be shown. All bearings shall be shown in a clockwise direction unless otherwise indicated.

  • 2. North arrow, in accordance with record data.

  • 3. Fences in the near proximity to the land boundary lines and other fences which may reflect lines of occupancy or possession.

  • 4. Improvements and other pertinent features on the property as located in the field pursuant to subsection B of this section.

  • 5. Physical encroachments, including fences, across a property line shall be idetied and dimensioned with respect to the property line.

  • 6. On parcels where compliance with restriction is in question, provide the closest dimension ( to the nearest 0.1 foot or metric equivalent) from the front property line, side property line, and if pertinent, rear property line to the principal walls of each building. Also, all principal building dimensions (to the nearest 0.1 foot or metric equivalent).

  • 7. Building street addre numbers, as displayed on the premises, or so noted if no numbers are displayed.

  • 8. Stoops, decks, porches, chimneys, balconies, floor projections, and other similar type features.

  • 9. Street name(s), as posted or currently identified, and as per record data, if different from posted name.

  • 10. Distance to nearest intersection, based upon record data. If not available from record data, distance to nearest intersection may be determined from best available data, and so qualified.

  • 11. Building restriction or setback line(s) per restrictive covenants, if shown or noted on the rcord subdivision plat.

  • 12. The caption or title of the plat shall include: the type of survey performed; lot number, block number, section number, and name of subdivision, the name(s) of the record owner, town or country, or city; date of survey; and scale of drawing.

  • 13. Adjoining property identification.

  • 14. Easements and other encumbrances set forth on the record subdivision plat, and those otherwise known to the professional.

  • 15. A statement as to whether or not a current title report has been furnished to the professional.

  • 16. The professional shall clearly note inconsistencies found in the research of common boundaries between the land being surveyed and the adjoining land(s).

  • 17. Professional's seal, signature, and date.

  • 18. Name and address of the land surveyor or registered business.